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Evidence-Based – Simple and Systematic Approach – Clinically-Focused 


We aim to educate the next generation of Emergency Medicine providers on mastering ECG interpretation and its clinical applications.

Our team of experienced physician educators are dedicated to providing engaging HEARTS ECG courses for all levels – specifically designed for practicing physicians, residents, paramedics, and medical students.

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What you get from the HEARTS Course?

✔️ Systematic approach to ECG           interpretation to enhance skills         and confidence

✔️ Evidence-based advances in             ECG interpretation

✔️ Practice with real ECG cases,           with a range of emergencies

✔️ Interactive, small group format

✔️ HEARTS ECG Manual, designed       specifically to experience level

✔️ Pre-course self-assessment

✔️ Post-course self-assessment.           with answer guide

Image by Joshua Chehov


Our HEARTS courses emphasize active learning, from pre workshop reading to interactive Q&A. We offer small group training options for a range of emergency providers (medical students, residents, paramedics, nurses, and emergency physicians), which can be tailed to your needs

Professor & Students
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